Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire and unite like little else does.

Our Approach

Creating an impact via our amazing programs...

One of the most anticipated soccer tournaments of the year and has often referred by many as a truly family event. With 8 tournament categories, we have something for everyone!

The heartbeat of the organization. The Academy is where we develop soccer skills using our hand-picked coaches to our wide array of age categories. In doing so, we are also building new bonds for today’s and tomorrow’s generation.

With the wealth of knowledge and expertise within our communities, all that is missing is a platform to connect us together. uMentor is that missing link that will bring a new meaning to how we help each other succeed

Community service is and will be at the centre of the organization and UmojaCare takes that one step further. With this branch, the goal is to touch the lives of many outside the Umoja family.

Finances should be the last obstacle a student should face to achieve success. With UmojiBrains, we enable you to receive assistance by participating in a variety of different events and competitions.

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