Week 2 Highlights

We had a great session today!

Toddlers 3-4

They played the pirate game which means stealing the ball. They practiced different moves and ended with scrimmage.

Toddlers 5-6

They played the traffic light game and the dribbling travel game. Ended with scrimmage.

Boys U10 

Worked on Shooting, passing, dribbling, and decision making. Ended with Scrimmage. This session included a lot of coaching moments.

Girls U10

Started with survivor tag, 1v1 to goal, and finished with scrimmage.

Boys u14

Worked on fitness, keepaway, speeds of the play.  Separately worked with goal keepers. Also worked on proper way of diving, catching, decision making. Ended with scrimmage.

Girls u14

Started with a 10 minute warm up dribbling the ball, focusing on keeping the ball close to their feet. After that we split into 2 groups and did keep away from a middle person. We first focused on 2 touches focusing on staying on our toes to be ready for the pass. Then i made it more difficult by constricting them to a 1 touch pass. This forced the girls to be more aware and on their toes. They had to already know where they would pass the ball before receiving it. While also making sure they were ready if their teammate touched the ball more than once so they could step in and help. They had to also communicate with each other when they couldn’t touch the ball more than once. After we moved on to 1v1 then 2v3, making sure they used their teammates to get around the defense. We ended today’s session with some shooting.


Worked on shooting and powered finesse. Ended with scrimmage.

Supplemental group

Worked on passing moves that included fake and take and scissors. They played 1v1.

Second advance group 

Started with fast footwork as warmup. Worked on scissors, back moves and 1v1.


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