Umoja means “unity” amd the Adopt-a-Grandparent provides an opportunity for our youth (ages 7-21) to be partnered with a senior in our community— all in the spirit of friendship, mutual support and unity.

Simple – None.

As long as you as a youth want to connect with an elderly, ask how they are, learn something about them – it is good enough to apply. For elderly, all we need is for to enjoy the company of a youth or have a regular catch-up. .

All participants in this program are required to apply. Each youth will be paired with a grandparent (senior) from a community after an interview process.

UmojaCare will provide monthly themes and discussion starters to the youth to help in their discussion with the grandparent.

The youth volunteer will summarize their discussion and have the option to create a short biography for their adopted grandparent – their lifelong friend.

The program will span over a 12-month period but the relationships will last forever.

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