Everything you need to know about UmojiPoints…

  • What are UmojiPoints?
    UmojiPoints are points earned by Umojis for participating in an event empowered by UmojaCare.
  • What can I redeem UmojiPoints for?
    UmojiPoints can be redeemed for discounts on registration at the Academy or Umoja Games. 100 UmojiPoints = $20.
  • I don’t see the discount on my registration! How can I apply my points?
    At this time, UmojiPoint discounts will be made via a request form. Once points are verified a refund will be issued in the amount requested.
  • When can I start redeeming UmojiPoints?
    Winter Academy Registration 2018! Check your umoji mail after Umoja Games 2018 for more information.
  • Who can earn UmojiPoints?
    Everyone! Anyone who registers an Umoja Outreach account can sign up to volunteer for our events thereby earning points for their family account.
  • I’m not a soccer player. What can I do with UmojiPoints?
    The great thing about UmojiPoints is they accumulate in a family account! Not a player? No worries! Sign up for an UmojaCare empowered event and earn points for the player(s) in your family.
  • Where can I find the points I’ve earned to date?
    A statement will be created and maintained by UmojaCare monitoring earned and redeemed UmojiPoints.
  • Do UmojiPoints expire?
  • There’s a discrepancy in my UmojiPoints! Who can I contact?!
    Email us at [email protected] Send us your name, Umoja Outreach account number and the details of the discrepancy and someone will get back to you within 48-72 hours. If a response is required within 24 hours, email us AND call 1.88.UMOJA.4.YU.
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