Build tomorrow’s foundation – help us to unite and empower the Shi’a community.

An organization that was born on a soccer field is now empowering and uniting Shi’as of all ages and walks of life, in North America and beyond. 

Donate to Umoja Outreach Foundation to help us keep going in our mission to unite and empower the Shi’a community. You can choose to donate to the general fund, sponsor a child for Umoja Games or Academy, or donate to any of our branches – uGames, uAcademy, or uMentor!

You may be able to earn ad credits for your donation! (A roughly $100 donation is equal to 1 ad credit.) Ad credits can be applied toward advertising on Umoja programs and platforms, or toward an event/trophy sponsorship in memory of a loved one.



Ad Credits ($100:1 credit)

General Fund

Any amount

Any amount


Sponsor a child for Umoja Games or the Academy




Support Umoja Games

$500 - $10,000+

$45 - $835

5 - 100+

Support a local Academy

$500 - $2,000

$45 - $170

5 - 20

Help launch an Academy in a new location




Sponsor a Talk Show (Career guidance, community)




Help to launch a new Academy