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Ainy Haider Shah – Internal Communications and PR Manager

Ainy Haider-Shah has been a Maryland resident for over 20 years. Born and raised in central New York, she is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, and moved to Ellicott City over 18 years ago, where she lives with her family. nnA communications professional and passionate parent volunteer with the Howard County public school system, Ainy participates on several committees, including the calendar committee and the Community Advisory Council. In the past year, she was selected to be on the board of the United Maryland Muslim Council, as well as a Community Leader for the ‘Imagining Justice in Baltimore’ series presented by the Institute for Islamic Christian Jewish Studies. In 2018, she was named the President of the Howard County Muslim Council president, the first woman to serve in that role.nnMost recently, she won an acceptance to the Emerge Maryland candidate training program, where she will learn how to run for office and serve her constituents.