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Arts Panel – Zeinab Shdid, Sahara Mehdi

Zeinab Shdid is passionate about art and started drawing when she was very young. She honed her talent and majored in Fine Arts in Lebanon, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree. She does not understand the negativity surrounding these types of majors for many reasons, as to her, painting is more than a major. It is about expressing oneself using the bright colors from her palette of love. Sahara Mehdi is a 19-year-old journalism student in her second year at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. She fell in love with poetry five years ago and hasn’t stopped writing since. Sahara has been creating videos and other content under the alias “Miss Brainy” on YouTube since she was 15 years old. For more of her writing, you can find her @missbrainywrites on Instagram or @missbrainyblog.