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Mohamed Haider – Director, Anjuman Wazifa; Mir Hussain – Avalon University

Mohamed Haider: Mohamed Haider serves as a Sales Director for Europe at New Vision Display. He brings a combined 27 years of experience in more than 30 countries covering R&D, operations, manufacturing, technology transfer programs & sales and marketing for European, Asian & US-based companies. He received his BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Drexel University and an MBA in Engineering Management, and has acquired numerous certifications in Leadership Training, Project Management, Six Sigma, Project Management and Quality Control. He is a Mentor at Share Ventures & is on the Board of Directors for Anjuman Wazifa Saadat O Momineen, a nonprofit organization that provides interest free educational loans. For more information about Anjuman Wazifa, please visit http://www.anjumanwazifa.org/ Mir Hussain: Mir Hussain is in Admissions for Avalon University School of Medicine. His role at Avalon University is to assist with the admissions process and recruit those students that are looking to pursue their MD degree. For more information about Avalon University School of Medicine, please visit: https://avalonu.org/