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Sajid Alimohamed – Personal & Professional Development Coach

Sajid Alimohamed is a personal and professional development coach and trainer who helps brilliant young minds develop inner-confidence and people skills so that they rise and shine. He has been active in building youth leaders across North America for the past 8 years and has more than ten years of experience working in leadership roles for a variety of organizations. Currently Sajid gives his full-time attention to programming and running deeply impactful leadership retreats and training programs as the founder of LISTENING CONNECTS.nnSajid admits to making a poor decision when choosing his career path. As a result, the next 10 years ended up being a series of dissatisfaction at work and deep contemplation on life and how to contribute to this world. Today, Sajid is content, motivated, energized and grateful for the path that he is on and enjoys sharing what he has learned along the way. Sajid has been married for 14 years and has two amazing children. He was born and raised in Canada, loves the outdoors, loves to travel, loves to learn and experience new things and loves to help others do the same.