Men’s Open Standings

There are 20 teams in this division – divided into 4 groups of 5 each. Each team will play 4 games in the first round. League position for each group will determine who advances to the next round. Top 2 teams in each group will advance to the Umoja Cup competition. Third and Fourth placed teams will advance to the Umoja Shield compeittion. Bottom team in each group will be eliminated.

Umoja Cup and Umoja Shield competitions are knock-out games – each winning team advancing for the respective game advancing to next round.

Group A

Mens Open Group A

1Jaffari North54013452912
2Afghan FC52121017-77
3Al-Ahad United Mens5203121206
4Kroos Control5104620-143
5Unity Center Mens4013224-221

Group B

Mens Open Group B

1Al-Mahdi Lions75112191216
2Orlando Eagles F.C75022681815
3Long Island Elite64112862213
5Chicago Royalties4004433-290

Group C

Mens Open Group C

1Panthers FC Red65012481615
2Mozambique Stars74122324-113
3Bafana Bafana521214867
4Jaffery Tigers FC NY620412936
5Masumeen FC4004126-250

Group D

Mens Open Group D

1Panthers FC Blue77003562921
2416 Falcons5302131129
3Detroit Mens5113415-114
4Hazara Hurricanes5023311-82
5New York Jaffery Sports Club & Friends4013417-131

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