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With more accomplishments, comes more opportunities.

Umoja Outreach Foundation has a long and elaborate Vision Plan. To achieve this, we want to add you to our team. You can join as a specialist or a lead, there’s a position for EVERYONE!

Current Opportunities

Umoja Games

Umoja Games, the largest Shia soccer event in the world, brings participants of all ages from around the world together. This role gives you the opportunity go behind the scenes and help in the planning of all aspects of the event, from swag purchases to the vendor selection and media coverage, there is something for everyone.

Umoja Academy

Using hand-picked coaches and customized training programs to touch the lives of our participants throughout the year, Umoja Academy is the heartbeat of the organization. In this role, you will have the opportunity to be the global lead for academies currently running, and outreach to new ones.


Connecting our established professionals with our youth to help them achieve their education and career goals, By joining the team, you will have the opportunity to connect with professionals from all over North America, manage the innovative online mentorship platform, and create social media campaigns to maximize participation.

Umoja Care

Umoja Care’ empowers both volunteers and organizers to be an active part of the broader community. As part of this team, you will have your hand in all aspects of the branch, from connecting with local organizations for volunteering opportunities to finding creative ways to inspire our Umojis to give back.


Umoja Outreach Foundation prides itself on being a fiscally responsible organization. To ensure this is maintained, this finance department manages all book-keeping and budgeting aspects of the organization. This role also gives a great overview of the operations across all branches for Umoja and plays a vital role in strategy.


Our donors are the lifeblood of the organization and they enable us to provide exceptional services to our participants. In this role, you will be right at the heart of the organization – connecting our donors with our strategic initiatives and finding ways to maximize the value of each dollar they give to the organization.


To keep our Umoja family up-to-date on all the accomplishments, opportunities the organization has to offer, and be the ears to hear their feedback. You will lead this – finding new ways to connect and executing the current methods that have led to the amazing growth.


Programs Umoja Outreach Foundation offers requires us to make large purchases as we plan for events much into the future and enter into short- and long-term contracts. If you enjoy negotiating the lowest price possible and/or living out your Harvey Specter alter ego, this is the role for you.

an Umoji

If you just want to get involved anywhere and everywhere, since it’s pretty cool to just be a part of Umoja Outreach Foundation, this is your spot! We will post opportunities when we need help and if it meets your availability, you just raise your hand. Easy peasy….

Website Liason

Our website is the trunk which connects our branches together. As the saying goes, ‘Happy Website, Happy Umoja Outreach Foundation’ – Anonymous. Join this team if you’re interested in learning WordPress and to make a major impact!

Social Media Maestro

Do you want to be central to building the Umoja Outreach Brand? The social media maestro innovates and implements strategies to keep our brand alive on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Join today if that is you!

Independent Review Team

Umoja is a pretty happy place, but once in a while things come up and we look to this group of unbiased individuals to help determine the best course of action. This team will also assist in the Financial Aid program – created to help those in need.

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