uMentor is working to change the way that networking happens within our communities.

Above: Our talk show host, Fatima Al-Sayed, interviewing Amanda Saab, owner of Butter Bear Shop, at uGala 2019.

Our goal is to unleash the future.

“The idea is not to make mentees dependent on us, but to make them independent, so they can progress. They become the future mentors, and the cycle continues”

– Azim Dahya, Accountant and Founder of Muslim Food Bank (Full episode)

We’re aiming to create a Shi’a network of mentors and mentees. By connecting budding professionals and students to established professionals within our community, we are building a powerful platform to help our youth achieve their educational and career goals.

Our solutions adapt to the future generation.

Our talk shows

uMentor Talk Show

Every other week, we bring on established professionals to discuss their career path and life experiences. They give our young people indispensable advice about finding a passion, overcoming adversity, and chasing their dreams.

“You have to more than be present. You have to push for things to happen in this world.”

– Ali Madad, Creative Director (Full episode)

uMentor Teenage Talk Show 

Every other week, we highlight one or two of our community’s outstanding teenagers, and bring them on an informal discussion about their career goals and experiences pursuing those goals.

“You need to find something that you love – and you know you love it if you really want to do it.”

– Faizaan Datoo, Computer Science Student (Full episode)

Our talk shows go live every Saturday at 3 PM on YouTube Live!

Above: The uMentor team, led by Br. Jawaad Sheriff, speaking at uGala 2019.

We’re all in this together, and our new global Shi’a professional directory needs your support.

Through our new global Shi’a professional directory, mentors and mentees can connect directly. Here’s how it will work:

  1. Professionals sign up for an Umoja account and opt in to the directory, sharing some details about their profession. Professionals who already have an Umoja account can opt in via their account settings page.
  2. Students and new professionals can search for and connect with mentors who match their career goals.
  3. Mentors and mentees can connect within our Shi’a community.

We need YOUR support to help make this initiative a success! Here’s what you can do:

  • Professionals: Opt in to the directory today!
  • Students and Youth: Connect with a professional today!