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This week’s host: Imran Dharamsi

On October 1, 2022

Br. Husain Jaffer

Real Estate Appraiser Analyst

Husain Jaffer was born in Queens, New York and has lived most of his life in Orlando, FL. He completed his MBA from Crummer Graduate School of Business and his undergraduate degree from Rollins College, majoring in International Business and minors in Economics & Spanish. His career has ranged from working for a private real estate firm, being a business owner, to his current role as a real estate appraiser analyst for Orange County, Florida. His roles outside his career included leading the Who is Hussain Orlando Chapter, leading Outreach efforts for a local Islamic center, Principal for IEC Academy, Assistant Principal for Ark Academy, and being the Director for the Central Board of Education in Orlando. He has worked on projects such as a career mentorship program pairing working professionals with aspiring students, developing a robotics camp, organizing family camps, and many other endeavors for the sake of God. He hopes to continue making an impact on the community before departure.

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