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This week’s host: Imran Dharamsi

On April 22, 2022

Marcus Santo Domingo

Physical Education Coach & Educator

Marcus got his first role coaching when he was 14 years old, working at a summer camp for 6-10 year olds. Through this experience, a love of sharing his knowledge and working with kids was kindled, and every summer since he worked some sort of summer camp or enrichment class. He is currently in his 4th year of a 5-year program, studying to get a BA and MA in Education and a California teaching credential for Math. He also works as a Physical Education (PE) coach and substitute teacher at City of Knowledge, a K-12 Islamic school in Pomona, California and is a volunteer basketball coach for Claremont Youth Basketball. He credits the adults in his life who made him feel seen and heard for inspiring him to do the same for the younger generations and hopes his work can serve as an expression of gratitude for those that have guided him.

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