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This week’s host: Fatima Al-Sayed

Our Panelist on October 17, 2020

Sahar Jaber

Author & Publisher

Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario,¬†Sahar¬†Jaber completed a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and is currently completing a double honors in Sociology and Communication at McMaster University. She has completed some Islamic studies in Lebanon, and hopes to integrate that knowledge into her work. She started an Islamic publication company known as Figs and Olives Publications, where she recently published her first book, “But Why is the Hijab So Special?” This book aims to educate and inspire young females about the Hijab. It is currently available on Amazon and through direct contact. The main goal of the publishing company is to provide a reliable educational Islamic resource to parents. She is currently working with another aspiring author on a set of influential books. Her goals and aspirations in life are to empower the Muslim generation through literature and knowledge.

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