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We hold a Live Talkshow where we invite a panel of experts to hear about their incredible journey and success story.

Hosted by Fatima Al-Sayed

Our panelist on May 18, 2019


Zakira Shyrose Jaffer-Dhalla

Islamic Lecturer and Anti-Racist Educational Counsellor

Zakira Shyrose Jaffer-Dhalla is an award-winning, multilingual and internationally renowned Islamic lecturer who travels internationally to recite Majlis-e-Hussein around the world. She lectures on Islam at mosques, universities and private gatherings and is a prolific writer, playwright, motivational speaker, puppeteer and famous social media, TV and radio personality.

An Anti-Racist Educational Counsellor by profession, Zakira Shyrose is a graduate of York University (Toronto, Canada) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology and a Masters Degree in the field of Education. She has received numerous awards and has been recognized by Ahlulbayt TV with an “Award of Excellence“ for her outstanding contribution to female public speaking. Zakira Shyrose is also a social activist and has spoken twice outside the White House and as well as at outdoor assemblies including Stockholm, Sweden where she addressed a crowd of 10,000.

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